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Essay about Understanding Evolutionary Psychology in an...

Understanding Evolutionary Psychology in an Organization Organisation consists of managers and their employees striving for their goals and aspiration. In a work place there is tremendous amount of disputes and misunderstanding as people interact with each other. Study of psychology provides important information and insights about the human behaviour. An understanding of human behaviour is useful to a manager in maintaining and improving workplace performance. Personality is a vital tool, which indicates success or the failure of an individual for that job. Those relatively stable enduring aspects of the individual which distinguish him from other people and at the same time form the basis of†¦show more content†¦May affect how managers make decisions, solve problems, handle conflicts, deal with politics, and cope with stress. Helps us understand how others are different from us, despite similar experiences and situations. The right personality for the job is always a combination of job fit and job attitude that varies with job type and organizational culture.Personality questionnaires help managers to compare individuals on the same criteria and distinguish between them in terms of good and bad. Questionnaires revels the level or abilities of an individual that would be appropriate at the workplace. Problem solvingscale displays he or she prefers jobs requiring a mental challenge and solving complex problems or avoid mentally challenging positions. Administration scale shows that he or she likes to follow precedent and established processes or break rules and work without structure or guidelines. Resistance to change scale represents resistance to change and a desire for stability and consistency. Teamwork scale indicates whether he or she prefers to work alone or with others. Expressiveness scale represents whether individual is outgoing and having many social contacts or vise versa. Impulsiveness is a measure of how fast a person likes to make decisions. Perfectionism scale represents the persons attitude toward producing a perfect product. Attitude toward work scale represents how anShow MoreRelatedneurophysiological theory Essay examples937 Words   |  4 PagesNeurophysiological and Evolutionary Theories Paper For one who may be interested in the neurophysiological or evolutionary theories of psychology, one need not look any further than Donald Olding Hebb who has been described as the father of neuropsychology and Robert C. Bolles who did most of his work in experimental psychology. Hebb is best known for his theory of Hebbian Learning which was introduced in his 1949 work: The Organization of Behavior. As farRead MoreBased Stress Reduction And Behavioral Therapy Course Essay1253 Words   |  6 PagesFactors governing human development â€Å"Behavior is organized, but the organization of behavior is merely derivative; the structure of behavior stands to mental structure as an effect stands to its cause.† (Fodor, 1983, p. 2). In the context of behavior and mental structure, human development can be viewed from two major angles, namely evolutionary psychology or the historical change of humans by natural selection, and individual psychology or the psychological/personality development and maturation of eachRead MoreThe Personality Of Personality Psychology Essay1051 Words   |  5 Pagesby that person’s individual personality. No two personalities are alike. This is because a person’s individual personality is made up of a unique variety of characteristics called traits. Raymond Cattell, a researcher in the field of personality psychology, found that there were at least 171 traits identified and labeled by researchers. Many of these traits were closely related to each other, and carried the same meaning. Cattell realized this and â€Å"took a set of traits, collected ratings on them,Read MoreDispositional, Evolutionary And Evolutionary Theory1283 Words   |  6 Pages Dispositional, and Evolutionary Theory Nicholas DeRico PSY/405 August 24, 2015 Dispositional, Biological and Evolutionary Theory Abstract There are many theories that attempt to clarify the structures that influence personality, for example dispositional, and Evolutionary theory. This paper will discuss the differences that are among dispositional and evolutionary personality theories, as well as, strengths and limitations of dispositional and evolutionary and biological personalityRead MoreZoology Essay1264 Words   |  6 Pagesbeak shape to classify birds. Another leading systematist of this era was the French biologist Comte Georges Leclerc de Buffon. The study of comparative anatomy was extended by such men as Georges Cuvier, who devised a systematic organization of animals based on specimens sent to him from all over the world. Although the word cell was introduced in the 17th century by the English scientist Robert Hooke, it was not until 1839 that two Germans, Matthias Schleiden andRead MoreThe Impact Of Applied And Behaviorist Psychology On The Field Of Psychology1327 Words   |  6 PagesImpact of Applied and Behaviorist Psychology on the Field In this paper I will discuss the impact that applied and behaviorist psychology has had on the field of psychology. J. R. Angell at the University of Chicago is possibly one of the most advanced of the functional psychologists, predicted that American psychology was prepared for better objectivity. In 1910, he stated that it is possible that the term consciousness would more than likely vanish from psychology, even more than the term soul hadRead MoreDepression And Its Effects On Depression1317 Words   |  6 Pagessometimes those same theories will have negatives consequences. In an attempt to further understand depression, I chose Depression’s Upside. If one were simply reading the title, one would assume this would be about some sort of break through in the Psychology field of research, or at the very least an optimistic view on depression. However, the entire article was based on the idea that reasons for depression were causes of it. In the article, depression is first discussed through Charles Darwin’s pointRead MoreEssay on PCL-R: The Test of Success882 Words   |  4 Pageshave been widely examined, from evolutionary perspectives to business environments, and will be summarized in the following reviews. The basics will start it off: evolution. From an evolutionary point of view, psycopathy is a collection of adaptations that have proven successful enough to continue being naturally selected for. A profuse number of evolutionary theories all pose very similar questions as to why there are psychopaths; however, the study Evolutionary Theory and Psychopathy explainedRead MoreThe Theories Of The Theory Of Psychology1493 Words   |  6 PagesPsychology develop from its prescientific roots in early understands of both mind and body to the present beginning of modern science by the numerous contributions of many philosophers. These ideas that are recorded could be traced back to Asia and Europe, where the religions and ideas of Buddha and Confucius is originated. Ancient Hebrews, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are the philosophers that became very intrigued with how the mind and body works and debated several reasons that may be the answerRead MoreMotivation Application Essay Sample789 Words   |  4 PagesMedicine (UMMSM). I am a graduate of Montclair State University, NJ, with a double major in biology and psychology. I have completed my high school in a war-torn country, Afghanistan. In 2006, after high school, alongside, it was not safe for women, I did not have adequate for options to continue my higher education in sciences. Therefore, it was feasible to start working for international organizations in database related position, so started as a database operator and resigned from as database developer

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Essay about Hod 1000 Mid-Term Study Guide - 2884 Words

HOD 1000 Midterm Study Guide 2.28.12 Tips: 1 Know Lecture 2 Know how they are applicable 3 Know Lemme 4 Take the test carefully †¦50 multiple choice questions a. Underline the important words like: i. â€Å"All,† â€Å"Nothing† or â€Å"None† Lemme * Look for models on development * Models for Understanding Development * Trait Model * Be aware of what the 5 traits mean * â€Å"Openness† and â€Å"Agreeableness† Self amp; Identity 3 things determine importance of Memories: 1 Frequency a How often something occurs 2 Duration 3 Intensity Internal Working Model: The internal†¦show more content†¦* Urgency (associated with Permanence) Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Dimensions of Goals MEMORIZE IT | Needs | Desires | Fears | Physical Well-Being | Safety amp; Security | Health, comfort, pleasure | Death, pain, suffering | Personal Competence | Esteem | Power, success, accomplishments | Helplessness, inadequacy, failure | Relational Closeness | Belonging | Friendship, love, intimacy | Rejection, engulfment | Self-Transcendence | Purpose | Generativity, service, God | Hopelessness, meaninglessness | From Lemme Equation for Self-Esteem: Self-Esteem = Self Concept / Ideal Self Difference between Reliability and validity (pg.13) Reliablity * Consistency or stability over time * Will the results obtained be consistent if the study is done again, or are they influence by some fluctuating factor, such that we cannot arrive at the same findings in all similar situations? * Problems with reliability must be resolved in order to have confidence in findings Validity * The degree to which your experimental results can be applied to external population 2 Terms that connect directly to things in lecture: * Looking Glass Self * Take others’ perceptions of you to formulate your own self concept Generalized Other (p 78) * We begin to take the perspective of society and its values and expectations in judging ourselves; * Basically, incorporating societalShow MoreRelatedMarket Analysis of Wrist Watches11235 Words   |  45 PagesA MARKET STUDY ON WRIST WATCHES AMONG CUSTOMERS WITH REFERENCE TO TITAN WATCHES By THOMACHAN BABU (Reg. No. 35103315) A PROJECT REPORT Submitted to the Department of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in the FACULTY OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT S.R.M. ENGINEERING COLLEGE S.R.M. INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (DEEMED UNIVERSITY) MAY 2005 BONAFIED CERTIFICATE CertifiedRead MoreEmployee Retention Analysis10575 Words   |  43 Pagesdeveloping is an attempt to understand the opinion and attitudes of the various categories of employees of the Jindal Steel and Power limited towards the maintenance of effectiveness of training services provided by the company. It also aims to know and study obstacles in the proper utilization and increase the effectiveness of training programs and try to suggest remedial measures wherever possible. I have taken a sample size of 785 employees. I have done a survey through a close ended questionnaireRead MoreIn Plant Training Report on Textile Industry10085 Words   |  41 PagesIn DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES PAAVAI ENGINEERING COLLEGE PACHAL, NAMAKKAL-637 018 JULY 2010 BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE PAAVAI ENGINEERING COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES IN-PLANT TRAINING REPORT JULY 2010 This is to certify that the training report THE IN-PLANT TRAINING REPORT AT ARTHANARI LOOM CENTRE PRIVATE LIMITED is the bonafide record of training done by T.SARANYA Reg. No: 098001612043 of MBA during the year 2009-2010. ------------------------Guide ------------------------HeadRead MoreQuestions On Online Hotel Management Essay7516 Words   |  31 PagesAnanth, our HOD to guide me and give important advices, in the course of recent weeks of my quest for this task report. At last, I genuinely might want to thank my guardians, family and my companions for their steady guidance and monetary backing. The result of this venture would not be conceivable without every one of them. Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 5 INTRODUCTION AND CONCEPT FORMULATION 5 1.1CASE STUDY 5 1.2Problem Statement 6 1.3Solutions 6 1.4Objective 7 1.5Feasibility Study 7 1.5.1Supply/DemandRead MoreManagement History Essay10156 Words   |  41 Pagesslowly than had been anticipated, and it began to look as though their production would stabilize far below what was planned for. Many of the hooks were going by empty. The workers complained that the hooks were going by too fast, and that the time-study man had set the rates wrong. A few people quit and had to be replaced with new operators, which further aggravated the learning problem. The team spirit that the management had expected to develop automatically through the group bonus was not inRead MoreOrganization Study at Meriiboy Ice Cream10672 Words   |  43 Pagesgroup that started operation in the year 2003. MeriiBoy ice-cream is the brand name of Supreme Food Industries which started its first factory near Kalady in consultant with Tetra Pak Hoyer, Denmark. The organization Study at MeriiBoy Ice Creams started from 6th of May. The organization study consists of understanding the functional a reas of Supreme Food Industries and analyse these functional departments. Supreme Food Industries gives importance to quality from sourcing raw materials to delivery ofRead MoreProject on Hdfc Mutual Fund23334 Words   |  94 PagesCOMPARATIVE STUDY OF MUTUAL FUNDS† FOR HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd. A Report on Project work In MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) By Somesh Behere GUIDED BY: BY: PROF.GARGI NAIDU HOD ACADEMICS VIM BHOPAL SUBMITTED SOMESH BEHERE MBA IV Semester BHOPAL VIDYASAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT BARKATULLAH UNIVERSITY BHOPAL(M.P.) SESSION (2008-2010) BONOFIDE CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Report on Project Work titled â€Å"RISK RETURN ANALYSIS AND COMPARATIVE STUDY OF MUTUALRead MoreEdible Oil Industry-India19329 Words   |  78 PagesA MANAGEMENT RESEARCH PROJECT -I ON â€Å"In Depth Study of Edible Oil Industry in India† In the partial fulfillment of the requirement of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Program (2002-2004) Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan. Project Guide Prof. Bhavin Pandya Faculty Member, SVIM Prepared By Samir Patel Rajendra Patel S.V.INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Acknowledgements Preparing a project of this nature is an arduous task and we were fortunate enough to get supportRead MoreEdible Oil Industry-India19316 Words   |  78 PagesA MANAGEMENT RESEARCH PROJECT -I ON â€Å"In Depth Study of Edible Oil Industry in India† In the partial fulfillment of the requirement of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Program (2002-2004) Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan. Project Guide Prof. Bhavin Pandya Faculty Member, SVIM Prepared By Samir Patel Rajendra Patel S.V.INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Acknowledgements Preparing a project of this nature is an arduous task and we were fortunate enough to get support from large

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Parent Involvement - 950 Words

I believe parent involvement is the key to changing our communities in the years to come. The more we as parents become involved and show our children that we care, the better off our world will be. The country will benefit as a whole giving every child the opportunity to succeed in such a competitive country. I see a bigger push for parent involvement in charter schools than I see in the traditional schools, but I think this is quickly changing and will catch on quickly in the years to come. As stated by the Michigan Department of Education, the most effective forms of parent involvement are those, which engage parents in working directly with their children on learning activities at home. Decades of research show that when parents are†¦show more content†¦We cannot look at the school and the home in isolation from one another; familes and schools need to collaborate to help children adjust to the world of school. This is particularly critical for children from families with different cultural and language backgrounds. (California State Board of Education Policy #89-01 states from research studies) Having researched this and reading it has assured me that the message I try relaying to the families I work with on a daily basis is right on spot. I use both research data as well as life experience in trying to help the families I work with. As I have mentioned in the past. I come from a single parent family with three siblings, raised in a neighborhood plagued with drugs and gang violence and because my mother was involved and believed strongly in education, although she only had up to a fifth grade education, she was able to have all but one of her kids receive a college degree and one complete Law School at Harvard. I was the one who has taken a substantial amount of college courses but has not completed a college degree. In part I think because my priorities as a young man were to earn an honest living to buy those things that I was not able to have as a younger child. I was also that one who had a difficult time with school and studying. I now have that one child who is identi cal to me and both me and my wife try our best to help him as best we can always relaying the message to our children that college is not anShow MoreRelatedDiscussion Research On Parent Involvement Essay805 Words   |  4 Pageson Parent Involvement in Education Before turning to our qualitative study of parent involvement in urban char - ter schools, the following sections outline the prior research on the benefits of parent involvement, the barriers to involvement that exist, and the potential of the charter school context to reduce these barriers. Benefits of Parent Involvement Decades of research point to the numerous benefits of parent involvement in education for not only students but also for the parents involvedRead MoreThe Parent And Community Involvement Program885 Words   |  4 Pages The parent and community involvement program that I would design would incorporate social and learning opportunities for parents and community member to become active with their English language development. Offering free Adult English Language classes where parents and community members could attend 2-3 nights a week would be an aggressive approach in acquiring the English language. But in the real world, this is extremely difficult for a lot of people to commit to. Some parents work long hoursRead MoreLack Of Participation Of Parents / Family Involvement1147 Words   |  5 PagesMethodology The problem that needs to be researched is the lack of participation of parents/family in a child’s education, and how it affects them academically. I will be collecting data from many different sources to find solutions to the problem, and to show how big of an issue this is. Conducting a literature review is my first step in this process, I will be conducting a through and exhaustive literature review to include: Books, internet, journals, statistics. The literature I will be usingRead MoreThe Effects Of Parental Involvement On Children And Parents819 Words   |  4 Pages expresses high expectations, and when parents become involved in their children’s education at school and in the community† (pg. 160). Parental involvement has benefits for parents, teachers, and children. Parents †¢ Increase of communication between children and parents – Being involved in a child’s life and education sets the stage for more communication and better relationships between parents and their children. 1. Increase in parenting – When parents are able to help their child, they feelRead MoreAmerican And Israeli Teacher s Definition Of Parent Involvement Essay1211 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Parent involvement is referred to as â€Å"parents’ participation in the entire educational process (Dor Rucker-Naidu, 2012, p. 246). In addition, it describes parents’ expectations and beliefs on improving their children’s educational performance based on home and school involvement (Dor Rucker-Naidu, 2012). Although, parent involvement is viewed as very important, some teachers do not connect with parents beyond teacher and parent conferences. Some of the possible reasons for why teachersRead MoreParent Involvement2716 Words   |  11 Pagesparental involvement affects students, explanations for why parents do not get involved, and what role both schools and teachers play in creating an atmosphere conducive to parents becoming actively involved in the educational process. Parental involvement refers to a parent or family members participation and contribution to their childs schooling. These contributions can take place in or outside of the school, with th e objective of improving a child’s learning. Parental involvement at home canRead MoreParent Involvement in Education1670 Words   |  7 PagesREFLECTIVE ESSAY: PARENT INVLOVEMENT Reflective Essay-Module 5 EDA614A- Theories and Applications of Educational Leadership Prepared for Professor Faculty at National University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Education Tier I Administrative Credential by Adriana Magallanes October 15, 2004 PARENT INVOLVEMENT Overview Creating a successful school site involves many aspects of the school community to be involved. The schools community consists of studentsRead MoreParent Involvement in Education3568 Words   |  15 PagesParental Involvement in Education Lisa Vasas Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Abstract This paper was about the benefits of parents being more involved in their children’s educations, researchers have noticed that if more parents were involved in their children’s educations, they would have a more positive outlook on life. They have also found that more children would go on to furthering their education. Peters, Seeds, Goldstein and Coleman performed many research tests on this inRead MoreParent And Community Relationships : Parent Community Involvement806 Words   |  4 PagesParent and Community Relationships Parent and Community involvement does not occur overnight. Schools must make parent and community involvement a priority, valuing and accepting each other’s differences. Schools, families and communities must work together to support all students in a learning environment to ensure every student is a successful learner. Positive family and school involvement fosters a partnership among all schools encouraging students to reach their highest potential academicallyRead MoreParent Involvement At Wahlert Catholic1034 Words   |  5 PagesParent involvement Parent involvement at Wahlert Catholic is definitely knee deep and rightfully so. The parents in a private school scenario have a greater vested interest in the product that they are receiving because they are paying for a product that they could get for free. This allows for a certain degree of entitlement for their child’s education. This I get and understand, since you are paying for a service, you want to make sure that you are getting the best service possible. Having

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E-Business Technology and Strategy-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the impact of technology on Market research in Current Business Evironments. Answer: Introduction Technology is basically considered as the knowledge application to the world which enables people to have an impact on their environment through changing it. Technology is a vast conception that many people today think it is. Technological change is determined as the art of improving processes that bring opportunities and benefits for businesses. Technology can form new services and new products that eventually make new markets for a business. Additionally, technology in any business or in market researcher industry can also improve technological processes and products and also increase the productivity. The following study will show the impact of technology on ResMarket Pty Market Research Company which is based in Sydney, Australia. The paper will also show the challenges faced by the firm in implementing technology in its business. The report will mainly highlight the impact of technology on market research in now a day business environments. At last, it will also show the outcome s of the overall analysis regarding the stated issues. The impact of technologyon marketing research Marketing research habits are improving day by day and various industries are updating as well. The impact of technology on market research is important as technology influences each and every business and in many scenarios, it makes almost everything easier. In the field of market research, utilization of technology is getting attention all over the world. ResMarket Pty Market Research Company has one main purpose is to find out customers choices, preferences, their consumption pattern and their purchase (Gifford, 2013). The company normally uses open-ended data from their primary researches and surveys. They give the result to automated processing for identifying the significant keyword from different region. If they use technology to identify the keywords then they can get help in sorting out the data as well as can be able to use it in a better manner. Technology helps the company to have a proper understanding and also to see a large scenario of what market requires. If the comp any uses micro view along with the macro view schemes, then market research team can conduct an appropriate outcome base of kind of surveys that they have conducted (Green and Basher, 2012). When micro level data is utilized in association with macro social media data, a large scenario is portrayed in the result. Apart from this, the technology of communication in the market research company like ResMarket Pty helps the business to grow and improve and also forms quite convenient connection among the customers and corporations. Various technologies like, mobile phones and internet have an impact on the way industries communicate with consumers (Khachidze, 2012). The technology of Social media is now becoming the main source of data for the market researchers as people on social media sites upgrade their perspectives in their profiles daily and it has now become a part of their lives. Currently, with the growth of modern technologies, market researchers depend on the use of expertise online market research for collecting analysis data and information. The motive of ResMarket Pty is to develop the standard of product allocation and strategy of decision making. It also has the motive to resolve the problems in product marketing as well as gives chance to identify, analyze, collect and distribute data systematically. With the help of technology, the company can have the potentiality to reach customers in various locations without time limitation (Marcovitz, 2007). It also allows the researchers to get direct responses and feedbacks from the customer as it provides huge superiority to the customers to give responses of services and products Challenges of Implementing Technology in Market Research With the growing importance of mobile research and social media research, many clients demands for larger innovation and also want to add more skills to the market researchers toolbox on a continuous basis (Mller and Parvinen, 2015). Many traditional pressures like growing pace of business and reduction in cost are the new challenges for market research industries. In the following, few challenges to implement technology in the firm have been analyzed: Agility needed- Now a day, new products and services emerges and also perception changes. Waiting months or years for the surveys result that influence business decisions are not a good option. ResMarket Pty requires introducing surveys within an hour for their clients to target new scopes. And the analysis has to be available equivalently in a rapid way (Neylon and Chan, 2016). So, technology tools that are easier and faster to use are quite crucial for delivering this rapid turnaround and moving from one idea to final outcome quickly which current businesses need. Cost- The expense of purchasing multiple technological tools and developing them creates additional continuous support, training costs and maintenance (Pousttchi and Wiedemann, 2010). Incorporating the data held in them is expensive and time-consuming for ResMarket Pty, as well as the manual works is also included forms multiple chances of error and reduces the quality of data. Security issue- Market research industries confront many issues in securing data because of stricter governmental rules on account of privacy. Apart from this, enhanced awareness among customer has also led to many customers are becoming more secretive and even suspicious about many market research industries (Rosenzweig, Grinstein and Ofek, 2016). So, the customers start to avoid and refuse to take part in interviews and surveys when questioning about their perceptions, choices and feedbacks about the service and product. Conclusion From the above study, it has been analyzed that technology of communication in the market research company like ResMarket Pty helps the business to grow and improve and also forms quite convenient connection among the customers and corporations. It also has been identified that with the help of technology, the company can have the potentiality to reach customers in various locations without time limitation. Many traditional pressures like growing pace of business and reduction in cost are the new challenges for market research industries. ResMarket Pty requires introducing surveys within an hour for their clients to target new scopes. And the analysis has to be available equivalently in a rapid way. References Gifford, C. (2013).Technology. New York: Scholastic. Green, D. and Basher, S. (2012).Technology. London: Kingfisher. Khachidze, V. (2012).Contemporary research on E-business technology and strategy. Berlin: Springer. Marcovitz, H. (2007). Technology. Broomall, PA: Mason Crest Pub. Mller, K. and Parvinen, P. (2015). An impact-oriented implementation approach in business marketing research.Industrial Marketing Management, 45, pp.3-11. Neylon, C. and Chan, L. (2016). Exploring the opportunities and challenges of implementing open research strategies within development institutions.Research Ideas and Outcomes, 2, p.e8880. Pousttchi, K. and Wiedemann, D. (2010).Handbook of research on mobile marketing management. Hershey, PA: Business Science Reference. Rosenzweig, S., Grinstein, A. and Ofek, E. (2016). Social network utilization and the impact of academic research in marketing.International Journal of Research in Marketing, 33(4), pp.818-839.

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5 Questions to Expect in a Retail Job Interview

5 Questions to Expect in a Retail Job Interview you’ve turned in a rockin’ retail resume, showing that you’re a mature, responsible, personable individual. the you-on-paper is looking better than ever. but you’re not done- if they like what they see, it’s time for the next stage: the interview. what can you expect there? what’s your experience?the interviewer is going to know what kind of retail experience you have- or, if you’re new, what your relevant experiences are. as a starting point, your resume has the outline of your answer here. in the interview, it’s your job to flesh those out. here’s where you’ll want to fill in some context about your previous jobs:what kinds of environments have you worked in?how big were your previous stores/employers, and what were the daily operations like?what were your past responsibilities?do you have specific stats to illustrate your past jobs? (sales figures, concrete growth, any awards or recognition)did you progress/take on increasing responsibility/get promoted during your time there?how do you serve customers?the customer may or may not always be right, but one of the top things a retail employer will want to know is what kind of service you provide. specific anecdotes work great here. do you have a knack for converting medium interest into an actual sale? how have you handled difficult customer situations or angry customers? how did you take company policy and best practices to resolve challenging customer situations? how do you approach customers? again, use real stories from your experience, preferably ones that highlight good customer outcomes, examples of you thinking fast on your feet, and/or ones that show you enhancing your store’s brand.what do you know about the industry?it’s important to know how store operations work. retail jobs can call on you to be a jack-of-all-trades when extra hands are needed in a variety of departments, so an interviewer may want to test your ver satility. be prepared for questions on things like handling sales/money, inventory, point-of-sale (pos) systems, security, and loss prevention.what makes you a great salesperson?an unavoidable part of working in retail is working with the public. the unpredictable, not-always-pleasant public. the interviewer is going to want to make sure you’re enough of a people person to provide a good customer experience, and stay cool in a variety of situations. if you get a question like this, be sure to emphasize your personal qualities, like good teamwork, positivity, the ability to work independently on projects without constant guidance, and the ability to work under supervision and take direction just as well.what are your expectations?retail is an industry that’s famous for unpredictable hours and shifts, as well as for requiring working nights, weekends, and holidays. during the interview, it’s important to be up front about your schedule and availability- the more f lexible, the better. you may also be asked about what you expect for compensation. your best bet is to do a little legwork ahead of the interview, and research what similar jobs are making. hourly wages? commissions based on sales? then in the interview, you can give reasonable ballpark figures if asked, and you can also ask more specific questions about how compensation will work in this job, once the interviewer opens that door.if you organize your interview prep around these areas, you’re well on your way. be ready to provide specific stories that back up your resume bullet points, and don’t forget to emphasize your next-level customer service skills. good luck!search for retail jobsthejobnetwork has you covered, with thousands of listings in all areas of retail. start searching below, and use the above interview tips to land your next gig!retail merchandiser jobsretail clerk jobsretail store manager jobsretail buyer jobs

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Incomplete Pythagoras Essay essays

Incomplete Pythagoras Essay essays Pythagoras: A Great Man (or A Great Myth) Pythagoras, my adopted philosopher, was a man of great stature, a man who had a cult of followers, a man who is believed to be a product of the school of Anaximander , a man whose beliefs lead to his exile from his communities home in Kroton , and a man who for all intents and purposes may have never existed. Pythagoras and those who followed him, often referred to in the world of philosophy as Pythagoreans, were prone to the belief that everything: the natural world, human beings, and their interactions among one another were the product of numbers. Now when I use the term numbers I use it the same terms that the Greeks solely used it, in the term of geometric figures or dimensions. Pythagoras was originally from Samos and traveled to Kroton and started a community that was both a religious cult and a scientific school. This school often was the object of jealousy and thus many of the accounts that we receive of Pythagoras are accounts that he was merely a myth, not an actual person. This is a fact that is highly debated in the intellectual world even to this day. Those who believe that he is man and not a myth are oftentimes skeptic about those who write about Pythagoras truly as myth. With those who are certain he is myth doubt the accounts of his followers that he was a true man. It is my belief that the fact that he is written about as both myth and man is no reason to believe he never truly existed. One does, however, have to understand that since he never truly wrote anything himself it is hard to know what doctrines of the Pythagoreans are the products of Pythagoras himself or those of the Pythagorean community. It was the Pythagorean belief that everything had a number and if one could understand all the formulas of the numbers one would be able to predict or know all things. This system of beliefs worked rather well when the Pythagoreans dealt with the notions of Astron...

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Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Mother Tongue by Amy Tan - Essay Example Given the portrayal of language skills by Tan, one cannot help but agree with the authoress. The bonds associated with language and the resulting personalized recognition is all too common in everyone’s life. One major issue faced by immigrant families is that it may not be possible for all members of the family to speak flawless English as indicated in the essay by Tan. In order to shed light on this concept, she quotes a story narrated by her mother. The story itself was trivial but the noteworthy point was her mother’s grammatical errors. The content was quite hard to decipher due to those grammatical mistakes; however, the authoress asserts that her mother apparently had an excellent grip over English. As a child, her mother’s â€Å"broken† English mortified Tan. She considered that imperfection of speech actually depicted imperfection of thoughts. On the other hand, her mother encouraged her to think distinctively. Years later, she appreciates the ess ence of unique thinking and academically studies English. It was at this point in time that she recognized the meaningfulness and worth of being able to use various types of English Language, and started appreciating her mother’s potential. Their broken English symbolizes a language of intimacy between them, where they can speak anything grammatically wrong to covey something special. This newfound love and knowledge compelled her to write about her mother, â€Å"I wanted to capture what language ability tests can never reveal: her intent, her passion, her imager, the rhythms of her speech, and the nature of her thoughts†. Tan was so inspired by her mother’s heritage that she resolved that her mother should be the first reader and critic. She states at the end, â€Å"I knew I had succeeded where it counted when my mother finished reading my book and gave me her verdict: so easy to read†. All of us undergo similar experiences, carrying hidden treasures wit hin us and sometimes being away or detached from our roots enables us to appreciate the true worth of those treasures. Tan's fundamental purpose in writing is to produce texts, which are comprehensible for a ‘common man’ like her mother. I was touched and captivated by the true to life context of Tan’s work. It is primarily directed at immigrant families and students who use English as a second language for studying and the like. However, for the authoress, her mother is the most imperative target. She appears to have contemplated extensively on the power and role of language and expresses her perspective through this essay. She maintains that the importance of a language does not lie in its being broken or perfect. She emphasizes familial languages should be protected, preserved. English enabled her to gain knowledge, recognize the world around her; hence, she considered it her mother tongue. The tone of the authoress is sentimental as the essay revolves around her personal experiences. Thereby, several statements and reviews based on her past are illustrated as she writes in the start, â€Å"I cannot give you much more than personal opinions†. It appears that the authoress has an additional objective, to express gratitude.